Here are the words of the founder :

“I grew up in a farm, where we are doing the maintenance of all machines by ourself, yet nobody is an engineer in my family. While I was studying electromechanics in college in 2012, I saw all my friends going to the car dealer to do their car service, and found that incredible. Most of them were complaining about the price. When I explained  how simple it is, and cheap, they started to do it by themselves. I got more and more calls, so I decided to share this with everybody in a complete book, to avoid the people waste their Untitled 1money for nothing.”

“I got my diploma and started to work for a company, developing this project beside my job.”

Arnaud Pauly, 14/07/2017


The four first manuals are now online.  Give us the model and year of your car in the comments section of the manual’s page, and the next one might be for you !