The Child’s Play Maintenance manuals have the ambition to allow anyone to do its diesel car service himself. We think your mechanic charges way too much for what it is, and we want you to avoid this useless expense. Each manual is specific to a single model (location of the parts are different for each model, as the way to replace them).


The manual explains, step by step, with a picture for each, how to do the maintenance of your car. Everybody can do it, if clearly explicated and shown. It is as easy as assembling an Ikea furniture. But it seems that few people are aware of this and your mechanic has no interest in showing you how to do it.

The main goal is to save money. Here is the promise: For each maintenance, it will cost  no more than 50€. Your mechanic charges at the very minimum 200€ (average based on belgian data is 250€). You save 150€ at least for each maintenance.

For a big maintenance, which includes replacing the brakes ; your cost = 150€ (500€ in the car dealer).

For your first maintenance, you have to take into account the price of the tools if you don’t have any:

50 €    : Consumables you will need for each maintenance
+ 100 €  : Price estimation of the tools needed, this book included
= 150 €  : Less than in your car dealer even for the first maintenance.

More than money, you earn time here ! We assure you than after the first learning, you will not need more than 30 minutes! Better than go to the car dealer and wait for two hours.