In the manual, you will find the very detailled procedure, step by step, to do the basic maintenance of your Skoda Fabia by yourself, based on pictures. The Skoda Fabia service goes from oil replacing to brakes inspection.

Make sure your Fabia is from 2003 to 2010 and has an engine 1.4 TDI 51, 55 or 59 kw. These are the engines covered by this Skoda Fabia service manual. You will find this information easily on your car’s registration document.

You will also find an accurate list of the tools required and a table, with all the deadlines and frequencies of other tasks that have to be done. The manual advises you on how to create the service book of your Skoda Fabia and to keep it up to date.

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If you want to know what you buy before actually buying it, you can download a 12 pages extract for free here : The Child's Play Skoda Fabia

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